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eBay Auction Browser v2.0

  • created: 09/21/2015
  • latest update: 10/03/2019
  • by: Mediageni Software

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eBay Auction browser is an Instant Auction browser for eBay. You can browse items by category or popular tags, keyword search, filter auctions by Best Match, Ending Soon, Lowest and Highest price or choose Buy Now items only. Furthermore the shopping site is user-friendly, responsive, and customizable for any niche.

Earn Revenue

The integrated support for eBay publishers will help you earn revenue while also adding valuable content to your site for free.

Shopping Search


  • eBay RSS Search Engine
  • Earn revenue with eBay Partner Network
  • Generate Instant Shopping Site for any Niche
  • eBay Affiliate program support
  • Sharing tools
  • 22 Color Themes to Choose from!
  • Keyword Search or Browse By Category/Popular
  • Sorting by Best Match, Ending soon auction, Highest/Lowest Price
  • Show total auction bids
  • Zoom images
  • Fully Responsive, works on any Mobile Device or Tablet!
  • Super Light Weight Twitter Bootstrap Theme With Bootswatch
  • No Database Required, Just Upload! (Only One Configuration File)
  • Easy To Use


Installation is very simple, just one configuration file to tailor your very own custom shopping site for any niche, there is no database needed. Once configured, you can sit down, relax and run your website on auto-pilot and even make money!

Follow the steps below and you’ll have your shopping search engine up and running in less than 5 minutes.

  1. STEP 1
    Extract the .zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon to a new directory on you local computer.
  2. STEP 2
    Follow the instructions on “Customizing the Script”, then go to STEP 2.
  3. STEP 3
    After configuring the config.php file, copy the contents of the extracted directory to the root directory of your website. (Make sure the hidden file .htaccess is also uploaded!)
  4. STEP 4 (Optional) 
    Customizing the template.

Installation done! Open up your browser and check out your new Niche eBay site.

Upgrade from 1.xx to version 2.xx

  • Delete all files and do a fresh install.

If you have made changes to the layout you will have to do it again, because many files where changed for this new version update.

Once you have installed the software on your website you will notice that it contains the same content found on our live demo. The configuration options in config.php can be changed to your “niche” and minor modifications to the front-end/layout of your website.

Open config.php with your text editor and change the settings , when you are done editing you can upload the entire website to your server.  (STEP 3).

$sitename = 'Quick Deal Finder';
$siteslogan = 'eBay Browser';
$path = ''; //path to script home folder - no trailing / 

$ebaypubid = '123456789';// ebay parter network pub id (create a text-link to get your pubid) to track Impressions in reports
$campid = '123456789';// ebay parter network campaign id
$limit = '1000';// listing limit
$about ='Quickly Browse eBay auctions for sale and be the first to buy!.'; // no item found text
$error ='Your search did not match any results.'; // no item found text

// Set default search keyword
$defaultkeyword = 'Apple iPhone XR';

$popular = array('Abercrombie', 'Sony PlayStation', 'Apple iPhone X', 'Dell XPS', 'adidas VL Court');

// THEMES color preset: 
// cerulean, cosmo, cyborg, darkly, flatly, journal, litera, lumen, lux, materia, minty, pulse, sandstone, simplex, slate, solar, spacelab, superhero, united, yeti

$theme = "journal";


Edit .htaccess file

If you run the script in a subdirectory or root of your domain your will need to edit the  .htaccess file. If you dont see the file, make sure hidden files are shown on your computer.

Custom banners ads

Open ads/ads.php and place your advertising code.

Customizing the Template

To make any changes to the layout and colour schemes of your site beside the 19 themes that are already included, you can also custom the theme to your specific needs as well, but then you need some knowledge about CSS and HTML. 

Change log

v2.00 – March 10, 2019
  • Added auction countdown
  • Fixed Best Match, Auction and Buy now results
  • Fixed SEO titles
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New color themes
  • New Bootstrap v4 and jQuery
v1.0 – September 21, 2015
  • Initial release
The following Javascript/CSS frameworks and Fonts have been used.


  1. Twitter Bootstrap – a sleek, intuitive, & powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster & easier web development.
  2. jQuery – a fast, small, & feature-rich JavaScript library.


  1. Twitter Bootstrap – a sleek, intuitive, & powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster & easier web development.
  2. Bootswatch – Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap


  1. FontAwesome – a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols.

Sites in Action

Demo site: eBay Auction Browser