Baby activity center games

Baby Activity Center Games
About This Project

Keep your baby busy, happily, pushing, spinning, looking, listening, smiling and squealing with delight!

The Baby Activity Center games have a lot of activities that benefit the development of your baby. The activity center will keep your baby playing through a unique and engaging collection of interactive games and introduces infants to colors, shapes, sounds, animals, language and sound. Baby activity center games will help your baby to develop and entertain in a fun way.

Feel free to play the Web version (Beta)

SEA Animals Baby Activity Center

Collection of interactive sea creatures.

* Magic draggable Purple Squid
* Animating Clownfish
* Spinning Seastar wheel that rattles
* Interactive Animating Shell
* Moveable and animating Jellyfish
* Buttons that play sounds when touched

ZOO Animals Baby Activity Center

Collection of interactive jungle and zoo animals.

* Swinging monkey
* Flying Toucan Bird
* Running Cheetah and Zebra
* Animated Rhino and Hippo
* Sizzling Snake
* Roaring Lion
* Walking Elephants